Author: Kevin McNamee

A case of computer archaeology

My father-in-law had researched his family tree some 15 years ago using a software program to help manage the data. The program was called Reunion 4.0 and ran on an Apple Macintosh PowerBook 165c. Once the project was finished, the program was no longer used and the computer was eventually mothballed. I first heard about…

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At the touch of a button

Not happy with the off-the-shelf media centre solutions on offer I built a HTPC based on Windows Media Center (WMC) that was small enough and quiet enough to blend into my living room. In other words, I couldn’t hear it or see it. This allowed me to replace our ageing stereo, DVD player and video…

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More by chance

I have worked for more than 10 years with system integration and the development of business processes and I feel right at home no matter what the environment is. I get a buzz out of making the lives of colleagues easier when I save them a day’s work with a script or tool that they…

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